Terms & Conditions

PP GROUP Company and its group consist of PP MODE Co., Ltd, PP LUXE Co., Ltd and PP GLAM Co., Ltd (“Company”) engages in business of import and distribute luxury products, also provides the products distribution service via www.ppgroupthailand.com which has been registered, owned and operated by PP MODE Co., Ltd.

The access and utility of the Website including the usage of any services available through this Website (“Services”) are subject to the following terms, conditions and notices (“Terms of Use”). By using the services, you are agreeing to all of the terms of use, which, together with the privacy policy, the updates may be made by us from time to time without notice. You should check this page regularly to take notice of any changes we may have made to the terms and conditions.

  1. Intellectual property

    PP GROUP and other company affiliate brands are the company’s trademarks which able to use in the business and on advertisement in Thailand. All material on this website, including the text, information, graphics, logos, design, layout, downloads, pricing, products and services (content) is owned by or licensed to the company. You must not reproduce, transmit, adapt, distribute, sell, modify, publish or store content or trademarks for any purpose, other than with the prior written consent of the company or as permitted by law. All rights of the company are reserved.
  2. Linking and third-party content

    The Website may contains links that may lead to the websites that are operated by third-party organization or person (third-party websites) the content of the third-party websites and the third-party website themselves are not operated under the control of the company therefore the company will not certify, approve, give any warranty or claim regarding the third-party, third-party websites or any services or contents available on the third-party websites or in the part of the owner or the operator of the third-party websites or the processing of those organizations. Should you use the contents of the third-party or the third-party websites, you may have to be responsible for all the risk that might be happened by yourself.
  3. Terms of products distribution

    To place an order, you are able to place the order subject to the following terms and conditions. All order is subject to the availability of the product and the confirmation of the ordering price. Due to the limitation of the amount of the products distributing on the website, in case of a sold out product, the company will notify you via email as soon as possible and the ordering of that product will be canceled immediately, if the payment of that product has already been made, the company will refund the payment back to your credit card within 15 working days if you have made the payment by a credit card. Should you make a payment via transaction, please contact support@the-ppgroup.com in order to request for the refund, according to the unavailability of the product you have made the payment.
  4. Pricing and Availability

    1. Our company have an intention to provide the correct information, description, price including other details on the website. The error that causes by the processing may be occur. If the company found out the error concerning the price or any payment method, the company will notify this to you as soon as possible. The right to change or cancel your order may be provided depending on the company discretion toward the error.
    2. The products price that appears on the website is the VAT included price. For the shipping cost will be clearly separated and will be included in the total amount of payment. In the case that your order total amount reaches the specific amount, the company will not charge for the shipping fee. However, the specific amount of ordering may be updated by us from time to time without notice.
    3. Typoration may appear in the service. Other errors, mistakes and incompletions and the right to make change or update the information at any time without prior notify. The company has the right to deny any uncompleted order made such as address, contact number which may cause the error or mistake or the not updated information, information about price, shipment, payment condition or return policy.
  5. Product descriptions

    Our company put in the best effort to place the description of the product as complete as possible. Nevertheless, the company will not warranty that the product descriptions such as color, material of the product are accurate, entire, reliable, recent or flawless. In order that there is any inaccuracy of the description, you may return the product subject to this terms and conditions and that the product must be in the original condition and must not be used before.
  6. Payment

    You may make the payment through one of these 2 methods, by credit card, we accept Visa and Mastercard only. So that, upon receiving your order, our financial transaction company will carry out the standard pre-authorization check on your payment card to ensure there are sufficient funds to fulfill the transaction. In case of transfer, you may carry out via Mobile Banking by scanning the QR Code you have received from us, in order to make a payment or by transfer to the providing bank accounts which will be appeared on the payment screen. Should you select to make the payment by transfer, the product will not be delivered until this pre-authorization check has been completed.
  7. Promotional Codes

    Promotional codes offer will be providing from time to time which may only be used for any purchasing or only applying to the specific product mentioned on the website. The conditions of use regarding the promotional codes will depend on the specific time duration and according to the marketing scheme.
  8. Product Shipping

    Duration of the shipping may be various depend on the availability, payment duration and distance. Generally, the shipping will take approximately 5-7 working days. In case of any force majeure or any unexpected event beyond our company responsible, the company will notify you of this issue as soon as possible.
    1. Delivery Tracking

      You may check the recent status of your order shipping under the “Tracking” button on our website, the system will link you to the shipping service provider’s website.
    2. In case of damage or breakdown of the product’s container, upon your receiving, do open the container with the delivery man as a witness to check the condition of your product. Thus you may able to inform or notify us directly regarding the damage or breakdown of the container at support@the-ppgroup.com.com
    3. In case of the damage or breakdown of the product itself, please notify us as fast as possible at support@the-ppgroup.com.com for our staffs to carry out further procedures accordingly to each case.
  9. Returns and Refunds

    The company will not have any right in the returning product until that product has arrived our warehouse. To refund may be happened depend on various consideration such as the product you have received is defected. So that the approval of the refunds and returns of the product will be up to the company discretion. You may look for more information of the returning procedure under the topic of Refund & Exchange.
  10. Your Conduct

    1. Must not use the website in breach of any applicable laws or regulations.
    2. Must not use the website to harm, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise offend others.
    3. Must not interfere with, disrupt, or create an undue burden on the website.
    4. Must not upload, post, transmit or otherwise make available any material that;
      1. is not your original work, or which may infringe the intellectual property or other rights of another person.
      2. is, or could reasonably be expected to be, defamatory,, obscene, offensive, threatening, abusive, pornographic, vulgar, profane, incident or otherwise unlawful, including material that racially or religiously vilifies, incites violence or hatred, or is likely to offend, insult or humiliate others based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation or any physical or mental disability.
      3. includes an image or personal information of another person unless you have their consent.
      4. you know or suspect, or should reasonably know or suspect, to be false, misleading or deceptive.
      5. contains large amounts of untargeted, unwanted or repetitive content or
      6. contains financial, legal, medical or other professional advice.
      If you believe or found that a user has breached any of the above conditions, please contact us.
    5. The company reserves the right to block or suspend any user of accessing our website and to modify, edit or remove any contents or material uploaded, posted or otherwise made available on the website by any user, without notice. By posting, uploading, transmitting or otherwise making available any material on the website, you are agreeing and allowing our company a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual license to use, reproduce, edit and exploit the material in any form and for any purpose.
    6. The company is not responsible for, and accepts no liability with respect to, any material upload it posted, transmitted or otherwise made available on the website by any person other than the company. The company does not endorse any opinion, advice or statement made by any personality and the company.
    7. You agree to reimburse the company and each of the officers, employees, agents, contractors, suppliers and licensors of the company in respect of any liability, laws or damages including all legal and other costs on a full compensation basis, suffered by them arising (in whole or part) of the breach of failure to comply with any of these terms of use, or any other defaults or wrongful conduct in relation to the subject matter of these terms of use, on a part if you or any of your affiliates.
  11. Disclaimer

    By accessing to our website may be at risk not only to your hardware computer but also your computer software and your other informations might be damaged from any computer viruses that transmitted on this website or on the content of the third-party websites that could be linked to our company website. To the extent permitted by law, all warranties, conditions and claims (whether express or implied) arising out of or in any way connected with this website are hereby excluded. By accessing our website, you agree to reimburse the company for any loss, damage, costs or expenses whatsoever suffered by any person or entity arising out of or in any way connected with your access to this website.
  12. Risk of loss

    All the products that have been purchased from our company website will be delivered accordingly to the shipping contract which means that there would be the risk of loss and some of the product will be delivered to you by other delivery service carrier.
  13. Your account

    If you are using any services on our website you are responsible for the maintaining the confidentiality of your own account and password. You are agreeing to be response for all the activities that occur under your account or password.
  14. Outages

    Our company reserves any rights to cancel, interrupt or withdraw your access to the site for any reason, including without limitation, for upgrades maintenance after site.
  15. Privacy policy

    Our company privacy policy sets out how we will use your information, can be found at our privacy policy page. The terms of use are subject to the company privacy policy. By using the website, you agreed to the privacy policy.
  16. Jurisdiction

    These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the kingdom of Thailand.
  17. Contact

    Should you have any further inquiries regarding these terms and conditions, please contact us at support@the-ppgroup.com.com



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